Saturday, April 10, 2010

Third post...I'm on a roll :)

Starting to get the hang of this whole blog thing...and I like it!

Today, I'm posting 2 cards I made from a design I've seen so many times. It's so easy, or so I thought. Straight lines with a pen. No problem. Then just adhere some punched out something or others. Voila. Well, the first time I tried this, it took me an embarassingly long time. Lots of math and measuring to make sure the drawn lines were perfectly centered.

Then it dawned on me.   Duh, a centering ruler!  Hello?  (Um, did I just sound as nerdy as I think I did?) Anyway, so THAT'S the secret to making these super simple cards so simple!  OK, got it now.  I accidentally hit the ruler with my hand on the second one, so the lines aren't perfect, but it's centered.  Without any math. 

I think this will become one of my favorite "mass produce" designs. 

Thanks for looking...check back to see what other aha moments I have when my common sense decides to make an appearance. 



  1. These both turned out great! Love the simplicity of them and your lines look great to me!

  2. *gasp* These are AWESOME! I love the simplicity of them and will surely try my hand at CASEing them.