Sunday, March 3, 2013

The new A Muse Studio Catalog is here!!!....

Hi all!!

First let me say that I'm so sorry for my abandonment of this blog in the last few months!!  My Etsy shop has really taken off (yay!!) and has left me with very little free time to blog. I had no idea how popular chevron infinity scarves would be!!  I've been making a few cards here and there when I get a free minute, but the time it takes to photograph them and post has been a bit too much.  Something's gotta give, right? :)

Anyhoo...I did want to pop in and let you know that the new A Muse Studio Catalog is here and give you the link to see it for yourself!!  Click the image to see the online catalog. :)  There are so many ADORABLE new things in the catalog, including new colors of ink and chevron patterned paper.  ;)

TIP: For those of you with an iPad, when you open the PDF tap the screen and then tap "Open in iBooks".  That will save the catalog in your iBooks library so you can view it anytime!!  I just learned this trick myself, so I thought I'd pass it along. ;)  You can do that with any PDF document.


For those of you who are like me and prefer to curl up with the REAL catalog in hand, I am once again running my FREE catalog special!!  If you place an order through my Online Store of $50 or more (before tax and shipping), I will send you a copy of the new catalog for free! :) ($9.95 value)

I hope you enjoy browsing all the new goodies in the catalog.  All of the new items are availble now. :)  Happy Shopping!!